Bill's guitar collection consists of an Ibanez JS-100, a stock Fender Stratocaster, an Epiphone Scroll, a Jackson PS-5 bass, and several acoustics. He uses a Fender (tube) amp and a Marshall stack, a Zoom 3030, a KORG Pandora II, a POD II and a number of effects pedals. Gary's guitars include a Westone Dimension IV and a customized Ibanez. He uses a KORG Pandora, a DigiTech XP-100, and a POD II for effects, an AKG C-3000 double condenser studio microphone, an ART Tube-MP phantom power supply / preamp, and a Yamaha keyboard.

Ibanez Fender Epiphone Epiphone Charvel Yamaha Westone Ibanez Jackson
JS-100 Stratocaster Scroll 12-String 6-String 6-String Dimension IV EX Series PS-5

Our recording equipment consists of a Fostex 4-track tape recorder, a JVC double cassette deck, a Sansui SE-300 Stereo Graphic Equalizer, a Celeron 433MHz and a Pentium III 733 MHz digital recording station. Songs are recorded and compiled with Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro and CakeWalk and saved in a digital format which may be conveniently transferred to CD. For those instruments that we don't have convenient access to (9-foot grand piano, harpsichords, strings, etc), we use actual instrument samples recorded at 16-bit, 44kHz quality.

Fossil Records Studio

Fossil Records Studio Two (showing the Yamaha keyboard)