The Franklin-Neumann Project

N E W S   A R C H I V E

The new album, Dreams Of Infinity is nearing completion! We will, however, miss our February deadline as we will be adding three new songs to the lineup! (January 2000)

We are a Spotlight Artist and a Hot Pick at Soundthreads! (October 1999)

We were a featured artist of the week at the ISCH! (October 1999)

From September 22nd to October 3rd, Mind's Eye placed in the Top 10 MP3 List at the Indie Journal! (October 1999)

The remaster of Machinery Of The Gods is finished! We have taken the suggestions and comments that you have made through personal emails and our guestbook, and carried them through on this newly remixed version of our debut CD. (September 1999)

The lyrics to Machinery of the Gods and Event Horizon are being featured in a new book by Alex S. O'Meara called "Mechanical Dreams." First drafts of his work may be found at (August 1999)

Well, it's our website's first year anniversary and we've had 4000 visitors! Thanks to everyone that has stopped by! It's also the FNP's second "birthday"! Thanks to everyone that has made the last two years so exciting and rewarding! (August 1999)

Fossil Records, the publisher and distributor of the Franklin-Neumann Project, now accepts Credit Cards for CD sales! (July 1999)

The FNP has been reviewed by Keith Langerman at the Metal And Hard Rock Area! (June 1999)

The FNP song Machinery of the Gods is being used in a multimedia art presentation, "Gender Games," at the University of Hertfordshire, England by Maria Rammou (April - October 1999).

The FNP Website has two new shortcuts: and The TSX shortcuts will continue to be available ( and (June 1999)

The FNP has been commissioned to write the soundtracks for USRPG's work-in-progress, Final Testament. (May 1999)

The FNP song Machinery of the Gods is a contributed work on the MP3Vault "Artists For Peace" Album! (May 1999)

The FNP has been reviewed by Chris Kelter at! (May 1999)

The FNP has been reviewed by Magnus Florin at Through Different Eyes! (May 1999)

The FNP song Machinery of the Gods is a contributed work on the "Kosovo Refugee Relief III" Album! (April 1999)

The FNP song "Mendelsohn's Electric Guitar Concerto in Em" has hit the Weekly Top 40! (May 16th - #30; May 9th - #18; May 2nd - #22; April 25th - #32; April 18th - #36)

The FNP has been reviewed by the German site, DownloadHits - The MP3 Magazine! (April 1999)

The FNP has been reviewed by Ben Ohmart at NZone Magazine! (April 1999)

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Mind's Eye was featured on KSHE-95's New Rock Interactive!

The CD Palace is now selling Machinery of the Gods
for US$10.00 per copy (credit card orders accepted).

On February 13th, the FNP hit #1 on the Heavy Metal charts!

For the past two months, the FNP has been in the Top 10 of the Rock Bands chart!

"Machinery of the Gods" has been released here and through!

Effective January 8th, 1999, you can access our website through the following link:

On January 5th, 1999, the Franklin-Neumann Project hit #3 on the Rock Bands chart!

Android Dreams has hit #8 and Mendelsohn's Electric Guitar Concerto has hit #4 on's Rock Singles chart!

For the week ending December 11th, Event Horizon hit #3 on the Music Monster Network!