DREAMS OF INFINITY has been FINISHED and is now available at Fossil Records!!!!!!  Though it has been almost 3 years in the making, we feel that this day, December 2nd, is appropriate and poetic for release.  It was one year ago exactly that our friend, Carlos Arcuri, succumbed to lung cancer - this album is dedicated to him. (December 2001)

After yet another hard drive crash and much wrestling with vocal setup, the final mixing has begun!  After the songs have been finished and okayed, we'll begin manufacture!!  (October 2001)

The latest drafts are up in the Music section - including a new song, Eternal Distance!  Let us know what you think!  (August 2001)

Well, it's official!!  After Dreams of Infinity is finished, the Franklin-Neumann Project will officially join up with Reindel to form TWILIGHT CATHEDRAL!  Check out http://www.twilightcathedral.com  (August 2001)!
We have one song to finish up and then all that's left is mastering!  Jim has come through with some fantastic tracks on several songs and we are well on our way!  We actually revisited about five of the songs and laid down new tracks!  (July 2001)

We would like to welcome Jim Reindel to our efforts!  Jim has been a great friend of the Franklin-Neumann Project for some time and will be appearing on Dreams Of Infinity.  You can catch some of Jim's abilities at MP3.com (until we get the latest drafts posted).  (May 2001)

Well, February has come and gone and we are still two songs away from finishing the album.  Between severe and recurring equipment problems (our greatest bane at the moment), running the label Fossil Records, and just trying to maintain our sanities, we are running a bit behind.  We are actively trying to solve the problems and finish the CD.  To all of you that have been waiting (and waiting and waiting...) we thank you for your undying faith and promise you that we WILL prevail.  (March 2001)

Well, now that HomePage.com is dead...  you can reach our site at http://www.fnpmusic.com!  (February 2001)

It is my sad duty to report the loss of Carlos Arcuri to lung cancer.  Carlos designed covers for our CDs and has contributed music to the Project over the last couple of years.  His creativity, friendship, and enthusiasm will be missed.  "Vaya con Dios, Amigo!"  (December 2000)

The new release date is February 2001 - exactly two years after our debut release.  (November 2000)

 We've been very busy for the last few months with Fossil Records - our new independent label - so I've been a little lax in getting News updates made. But here's one - the new song "Prophecy" is now on the Music page! (August 2000)

Machinery Of The Gods
has been reviewed by Steve Hegede at Zoltan's Progressive Rock Webpage! (February 2000)

Machinery Of The Gods has been reviewed by Markus Weis at DURP.com! (January 2000)

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